Track Programme

SUMMER 2018 TRACK RACING - Starting Sunday 9 September at Saxton Velodrome

Racing Dates & Times:
  • Racing every Sunday, 7+yrs to adults willing or capable of riding a track bike confidently
  • Children race according to their ability, at national events they will race according to their age at 31 December
  • Children can ride their favourite two wheel bike that is road worthy, we will work to transition them to road bikes, and then to track bikes
  • Riders 11 + years competing are expected to be competing on a track bike
  • Adults are encouraged to ride track bikes.  For novice riders we can provide coaching and road bike sessions until a degree of competancy has been attained. For those choosing to ride road bike, there will be an expectation you will convert to a track bike within a couple of sessions of riding on the track.
  • Junior riders have priority for track bike hire.
  • Give us a call if you don’t have bike and you would like to have a go
Venue: Saxton Velodrome
  • Riders and spectators enter at their own risk


  • Races must start promptly at 5pm;
  • Riders must be at the venue a minimum 30 min prior to start times to get their numbers and to warm up
  • Gates open and bike fits are available from 4pm                       
  • Our focus is to provide a race calendar, however our aim is to build capability within our entire membership.  As a result we reserve the right to provide specific targeted sessions to raise the standard of racing etique. Weekly races (scratch, handicap, pursuit, time trial etc) and skill based events (blue line, overtaking drill, bunch riding, starts etc)
  • For children under 15 years a parent/caregiver/guardian is required to remain at the track for the duration of the session. Caregivers will be required for timing, and holding your child for the commencement of a race etc. Also in the unfortunate event of an accident your input may be required for the treatment of your child.
  • Payment options: internet banking payable to Cycling Nelson NBS 031354  0257780-00 with ref: Tracksub/surname
  • Riders must to obtain a CyclingNZ Ride licence (no charge for juniors, and those expecting to race at National Events will require a CyclingNZ National Race Licence, which will incur an additional fee as per CyclingNZ website.  Unfortunately riders who are not licensed will not be permitted to ride in track events.

Track/Club Bikes:  

Cycling Nelson owns several racing bikes for club members to use.  These may be hired at a cost of $5 Youth or $10 Adult per bike per session(subject to availability). (Proceeds go towards the purchase of more bikes for the club). 
These may be allocated to riders who fulfill the following requirements:
  • Cycling skills must be appropriate
  • Fees must be paid
  • Riders must demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Regular attendance required & you must still bring you own bike each week (n/a for 3 month hire)
  • Riders must be at the track a minimum of 30 minutes prior to session start to allow for setup and warm up (or the bike will be hired out to others)
  • The bikes will be allocated on a rotational basis & the decision of the committee on allocation is final
Safety Requirements:
  • A roadworthy or track bike with front & rear brakes & tyres pumped
  • A properly fitted helmet
  • Gloves (Mandatory for track racing)
  • Sports or cycle shoes (covered in, no crocs)
  • Drink bottle
What will it cost you?
*More race package options are detailed on our Facebook Page.  Keen and just want to pay us direct?  Make payment to Cycling Nelson NBS 031354  0257780-00 with ref: Surname Sub or Hire or Package.
  • 7 Yrs - U19 Youth
    • $40 race 12 wks (Members)
    • $40 bike Hire 12 wks
    • $20 Annual Membership
  • Adult
    • $80 Race 12 wks (Members)
    • $60 Bike Hire 12 wks
    • $30 Annual Membership
  • Casual/Non-Members
    • $5 Juniors per session 
    • $10 Bike Hire Juniors per session
    • $10 Adults per session 
    • $20 Bike Hire Adults per session
Conditions of Hireage: 

1. Priority will be given to paid up members of Cycling Nelson. 2. The bike supplied is for the sole use of the individual the hire contract is with. The club reserves the right to reissue any of the club bikes throughout the season so as to provide maximum benefit to the club members. 3. Should a rider not race for 2 consecutive weeks without good reason the club reserves the right to reissue that bike. 4. It is the intention of the club these bikes will be primarily for novice riders but a senior rider may apply for a bike if available. 5. The gearing on the bikes is set up to comply with novice gearing. 6. Damage that occurs in a crash will be repaired by the rider contracted to the bike unless otherwise agreed. 7. Bikes are to be returned in the same condition as when allocated. 8. The club will keep storage of the bikes. 9. You will need to bring pedals and shoes. 10. Bike hireage is at the discretion of the committee.
Gear Restriction:
  • To prevent damage to the developing bodies of our young riders & to develop leg speed, we will be enforcing a gear restriction. Each rider’s bike will be measured & the gear restriction advised in accordance with those on the CyclingNZ website.
  • Note:11 + yrs - Track & Road Bikes will not be racing together, and will be separated for safety reasons.

Cycling New Zealand Membership

  • Want to know more?  see
  • Existing CNZ members login here to renew your licence
  • New CNZ members can join here to apply for a licence
  • Already a member of a club?
    • You can join as many cycling clubs as you like through the online process, but only one club can be your primary club. This is the club you represent at regional and national events. All other club memberships are considered secondary memberships. Your primary club displays as the first club on your licence.
Need more information?
  • Call Grant Kerr via e-mail or 027 5 901050
  • Including enquiries about sponsorship or volunteer assistance