Created: 14 March 2017 Last Updated: 22 August 2019

The Northern Combine supports equal opportunities for women to participate and race in events.  This is achieved through the efforts of the Women's Coordinator and each club's commitment.  We welcome your thoughts and assistance on how this can be improved.  Please contact your club representative or Women's Coordinator. 


Women's Series

The 2019 Northern Combine Women's Series will consist of 3 events with women's only grades as well as the opportunity to earn points at all other scratch races.  Points will be awarded to the first 5 places in A and B Grades with the series winner having the most points at the end of the season.  In case of a tie in points, the winner will be decided by 1) if one of the riders is in A grade 2) number of first place wins and then 3) number of second places.  C Grade will be escorted by a ride marshall and is focused on learning racing skills in a safe environment.

There are four races this year with women's only grades:
13 April - Autumn Cycling Classic @ La Trobe University
Individual Time Trial Championships.  Note that this doesn't collect series points
3 August - St. Kilda Trophy Race
31 August - Hawthorn Trophy Race

The top 5 places at each of women's only grades will receive 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 points respectively.  At all other scratch races, points will be 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

A leader's jersey will be worn by the points leader at each event.  In addition to race prizes, there will also be series prizes for the most points, proudly supported by:

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Women's Racing

For scratch races not designated as Women's Series events, women can race in the open Combine grades for separate places.  In other words, there will be a race within a race for women's placings.  We strongly recommend you enter the following open grades:

Women's Grade Open Grade

There are exceptions to this and we will support individuals wishing to race in a higher grade. 

Handicap races include mixed fields.  There will be a placing for first woman.  Handicaps are great events to improve your racing, but not the best events for first-timers.  Succeeding at handicaps requires group cohesion and working together.  Plus it is a fantastic workout regardless of the result. 


The Northern Combine has committed to paying equal prize money for equal placings.  The number of placings will depend on the number of entries into a grade.  For 12 or more women entries in a grade, 3 places will be paid.  For 8-11 entries, 2 places will be paid.  For fewer than 8 entries, there will be a first place.  We welcome women wishing to race in open A and B grades, noting though that they race the grade(s) without separate placings.

In addition, Winners Bars are on-board with us again in 2019 to provide prize packs for the first non-paid female in each grade containing some useful riding nutrition.


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