Volunteer Roster for 2017

Created: 14 March 2017 Last Updated: 23 March 2017

Volunteer Registrations are open for the 2017 season including the Three Day Tour. 

Riders from Northern Combine member-clubs are invited to nominate for volunteer duties for the 2017 Road Race Season and the 3 Day Tour. 

You can submit your nomination here.

About the volunteer process:

  • Volunteer status is only open to Northern Combine member clubs.
  • Nominating for a volunteer duty doesn't guarantee that you will be allocated that duty.
  • All duties require confirmation from the Volunteer Coordinator via email.
  • Allocation of duties is a manual process.  These can take some time to process so please be patient.  Once you have nominated you are provided Volunteer Status
  • Further information can be found on the Volunteer Roster page

Once confirmed via email, you can assume you are locked in. Please take your commitment seriously.  We came within a whisker of cancelling races last year due to volunteers. 

Please note that riders can claim Volunteer Status from the moment they nominate for a volunteer duty (ie no need to wait for a Confirmed role). If for some reason a suitable duty cannot be found, riders must relinquish their Volunteer Status.  Benefits of volunteering include:

·         Preferential early entry to races;

        ·         discounted race entry all season ($15 which has changed in years - seriously how do we manage this?);

·         free entry to the Northern Combine Road Championships; and

·         New for this year: Chance to win a Golden Ticket.  At the race presentations on 1 April, we will draw a name from those who have signed-up to volunteer to win a 2017 Golden Ticket.  This will entitle you to free entry for Combine races all season.  Winner need not be present. 

Any Questions? Please contact either your Club Combine Delegate or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


2017 Season

Details for the 2017 season are now up.  Some changes from last season include:

·         Longer distances for A Grade.  Based on feedback and committee member input, we are adding laps where possible to courses to extend the races for A Grade. 

        ·         Women's racing: 2 Women's series races with designated women's only grades plus the Combine Champs.  Other races to have combined grades with separate but equal placings.   

·        The Combine Championships on 8 April will be based on normal scratch grades. 

·        Entry prices:  $15 for volunteers (same as last year).  $27 for non-volunteers (same as last year).  $30 for non-Combine members (new for 2017)

·        Commissaires are being equiped each race with dashboard cameras, training and other features.  The Combine has invested into Comms not not only to continually enhance our officiating but more importantly to improve rider safety. 

        ·        Master Brewers Award - We wanted to show some love for our Master riders (40+ age) - week in and out they bring the racing to life.  Our neighbours at Temple Brewery agreed and we will be awarding a six-pack of their fine brew to the first 40+ rider in A and B grades at each scratch race.
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