2017-04-08 Race 2: Northern Combine Championships

Created: 04 April 2017 Last Updated: 04 April 2017

It's early season Championship time.  We are trying something new as many people are in decent shape from summer training.  Not only is it new timing, but we are also running this on normal grading this year.  You may also note that an extra lap has been added for this race. 

All riders must enter in advance via the EntryBoss link below. The link also contains further race information.  Please see this page for more entry and scratching policy information.

EntriesEntry Boss (Late Entry Policy)

Open from 6PM on Sunday for volunteers and from 9PM on Monday for non-volunteers.  Entries close on Thursday morning.  No race day entries.   

Volunteers: Nick Bladen, Allison O'Toole, Nicholas Liau, James Dunn, Chris Anderson, Raymond Tinney, Vincent Rowbottom, Patrick Gordon!!

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