2017-07-08: St. Kilda Trophy Race

Created: 01 July 2017 Last Updated: 02 July 2017


But first.... The Northern Combine has partnered with Cycling Victoria to host a Commissaire Information Panel. This is an opportunity to hear from a panel of both club and UCI level Comms about the role.  We would welcome interested racers to occassionally serve as Commissaires (it counts as a volunteer duty). 


The St. Kilda Trophy Race is our second Women's Series Event for the year.  We have an action packed day including product demonstrations from Winners Bars and as part of your entry, Newham Primary School will be providing soup and bread after the race. With the primary school's long standing support of Combine racing welcoming us into their community, we are happy to assist them in fundraising at our events - you will have the option to donate to them through the event registration.  

All riders must enter in advance via the EntryBoss link below. The link also contains further race information.  Please see this page for more entry and scratching policy.


EntriesEntry Boss (Late Entry Policy
Entries open Sunday at 6pm for vols and then Monday at 9pm for non-vols.  Entries close on Thursday morning.  No race day entries. 


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