E and WC Grade

Created: 01 April 2018 Last Updated: 12 March 2019

E Grade and Women's C for 2019

Racing is hard.  And we like it that way. 

It can be about the satisfaction of holding on when it didn’t seem possible.  Or being in a break with a few people and even if it doesn’t work, you will always share that memory of pushing yourselves with your companions.  How about that celebration of perseverance upon catching the peloton after you had been dropped?  The best is of course is when your legs are starting to scream but realising that you are dropping large parts of the peloton. 

Yes, racing is hard.  We want you to get those experiences at Combine events because it feels awesome.  Even though we run 4 grades (7 inc women), D Grade is still full of talented, fit riders.  The gap between most road cyclists and D Grade is too large.    

Bridging the gap
We want to bridge that gap between D Grade and the next group of cyclists who may love racing but may not know it yet, or don't have the hours to train like crazy or perhaps just aren't spring chickens anymore.  That is why the Combine is supporting clubs to run marshalled E Grades. All scratch races on the Combine fixture will include an E Grade. 

The host club will provide 2 experienced marshals to support the peloton.  The group may start under neutral with the idea to get comfortable on the course, but it is certainly still a race.  The marshals are there to answer any questions, offer guidance on things like overlapping wheels and in the case of the peloton separating, they can support multiple groups.  If the marshals are in a good mood, they may even offer a little hand to assist with holding onto the peloton.  This should give less seasoned racers the chance to get a go and have a good experience.

A race licence is required. Podium places are split by gender. 

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