2018-08-04: Hawthorn Trophy Race

Created: 29 July 2018 Last Updated: 29 July 2018

We are in South Gisborne for the Hawthorn Trophy Race on Saturday.  With separate women's categories and a marshalled WC grade, this event serves as the in the Women's Series.  Awards for the overall series will be presented on the day.  You can see the current standings here

South Gisborne is often a popular course due its proximity to Melbourne and that it is an 8.4k loop.  Have no doubt that this is a tough loop with bunches seldom together at the finish.  Wind and the 1k hill to the finish both play factors. 

All riders must enter in advance via the EntryBoss link below. The link also contains further race information. As this is a handicap, we ask that you enter before Thursday. 


EntriesEntry Boss (Late Entry Policy


Entries open Sunday at 6pm for vols and then Monday at 9pm for non-vols.  Entries close on Thursday morning.  There are no on-the-day entries.


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