Volunteer Registrations open for 2015

Last Updated: 01 May 2015

Volunteer Registrations are open for the 2015 season including the Three Day Tour. 

Riders from Northern Combine member-clubs are invited to nominate for volunteer duties for the 2015 Winter Road Race Season and the 3 Day Tour.

The basic process is as follows;

1) First: See which Duties are available so you can find something that suits you by checking the view-only spreadsheet of the required roles by event (http://goo.gl/1NCfXMNote: Non-Combine riders seeking volunteer status for the 3DT can only nominate a volunteers for the 3DT event only.

2) Apply for a Volunteer Duty using this form (http://goo.gl/HlncPW). 

3) Await Confirmation of your duty by the Volunteer Co-Ordinator (you will receive an email at a later date confirming your allocated role)

4) Once confirmed, you can assume you are locked in. Please take your commitment seriously (and note that the vast majority of volunteers do take it seriously and do a great job).

Further information is available on the nominations data entry form, as well as in the automated reply email sent shortly after receiving your nomination.

General information about Volunteering can be found here and here

Riders will be notified of their CONFIRMED volunteer duties at regular intervals as allocations are performed by the Volunteer Co-ordinator. Allocation of roles is a manual step and riders are asked to be patient whilst this happens.

Once you have a confirmed role, we ask that you minimise the amount of changes requiring intervention from the Volunteer Co-ordinator. If you cannot organise a work-around yourself, please use the CHANGE REQUEST form found here.

Please note that riders can claim Volunteer Status from the moment they nominate for a volunteer duty (ie no need to wait for a Confirmed role). If for some reason a suitable duty cannot be found, riders must relinquish their Volunteer Status.
Any Questions? Please contact either your Club Combine Delegate or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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