Welcome to the Northern Combine

The Northern Combine is a partnership of registered clubs in and around Melbourne.  We conduct road racing catering for riders from age 12 through to riders in their 60's within 1 hour of Melbourne. 

Whether riders are elite, newbies, juniors, men, women or even triathletes, we focus on supporting our cycling community with volunteer led events through fun and safety.  Of course we could name drop about who does and has raced with us, but we like to treat everybody equally.

Upcoming Races

The first race for 2023 is the Autumn Cycling Classic at Latrobe Uni April 22. Sign up on Entryboss here - https://entryboss.cc/races/14121

The remainder of the 2023 Northern Combine fixture is currently under development and more details will be released soon. Please check NC Facebook for updates.