There are specific races on the fixture indicated as having junior categories.  Only certain courses on the fixture are appropriate for junior racing and only certain clubs have the capabilities to run junior events.  We are targeting these races specifically to create the deepest fields and best experiences for juniors. 


It is held at the same venue and on the same day as the senior races listed on the Northern Combine fixture. Locations are mostly within 1 hour of Melbourne. In addition, there are Junior Development Races at National Blvd in Campbellfield on some non-Combine weeks. 


Road racing is for competent gold licensed U13-U17 riders. Peripheral vision and gap judgement is not developed sufficiently in riders under 11 to race on open roads with cars (U11 will be able to race on suitable criterium circuits).  Please ensure that all junior riders are familiar with road rules and racing etiquette (see links below) and have completed road training rides in variable weather conditions. Please ensure that riders are dressed appropriately for conditions, including wet or very frosty.

How Much?

The fee is $5 and pre-entry is required via EntryBoss.


You are not required to enter on the senior volunteer roster. 


Registration is with David Morgan from 9:20 on race day. Do not queue with the seniors, please look/ask for juniors registration.

What Time?

Racing is from ~10.30AM. Parents must ensure the juniors warm up is supervised and in a safe area.

What is it?

The racing, like Tuesday night track at Brunswick, is usually ability based graded scratch races or handicaps. Normal Cycling Australia age based gear roll-out is used: info here

How far?

Courses and distances vary according to age groups, conditions and numbers.  

Please note: U17′s should race with juniors and are unable to race with most senior grades due to the race distances being beyond CA regulations. However, occasionally some U17's may be granted exceptions for suitable races.  Please obtain permission from the race director before the race to join into the senior grades. 


We are in the process of forming a Junior sub-committee. Please contact your club to indicate your interest or if you have any constructive feedback. 

Information about racing?

Before racing please become familiar and revise some basic concepts used in road cycling:




What can parents do on the day?

Parents are required to help, mainly as lead and follow cars. Please make yourself known to David when you arrive. Below is a description of common roles; please read them:

What does a lead car driver do?

The lead car alerts other road users and race officials that riders are approaching.

It is recommended that you drive with your headlights on and keep a safe distance ahead of the first bunch (minimum of 200 metres). Be aware of riders speed down hills and through corners and adjust your speed accordingly. 

Also be aware that you may need to pull over when safe to do so to allow a senior bunch to pass.

What does a follow car driver do?

The follow car alerts other road users that there are cyclists racing ahead and provides some protection to riders from rear end collisions.

It is recommended that you drive with your headlights on and keep a safe distance behind the riders. Be aware of the traffic following and move as far to the left when practicable so that they can safely pass the riders. You must stay behind the last rider in the race. 

Also be aware that you may need to pull over when safe to do so to allow a senior bunch to pass.

What does a corner marshal do?

The corner marshal provides direction to the cyclists and contributes to a safe race by slowing or stopping riders as necessary. Under no circumstances should a corner marshal attempt to stop other road users.

As riders approach point them in the correct direction with appropriate hand signals. Where in your opinion it may be unsafe for riders to enter an intersection, hold up the red flag and use appropriate hand signals to slow or stop the riders – you cannot stop other road users.

What does a ride marshal do? 

The role of a ride marshal is to ride with riders new to racing to provide education and encouragement and advising the grade on how to ride together in a racing environment.  Your role will be to impart knowledge for new riders to help them come up to speed and to gain more confidence.


Email: juniors@northerncombinecycling.org

Phone: 0433 875 655 (David)