2017-08-12: Alf Walker Memorial Handicap

Created: 06 August 2017 Last Updated: 06 August 2017

This is the first time we are running a memorial race for Alf.  This will also be the last race for the Combine season.

Alf Walker began racing as a junior in 1948 and at the same time joined the Brunswick Cycling Club Committee.  His committee position out-lasted his racing career, but that is only because he continued to serve as club treasurer until 2016 where you could see him handing out prize money on Tuesday night track sessions each week.  Alf’s involvement in and fingerprints on Melbourne, Victorian, Australian, Olympic and international cycling in nearly 70 years cannot be fully stated here. 

However it may be from Alf’s daily local involvement with junior clinics, running races, Commissairing and serving as a mentor that so many people connected with him and therefore connected with cycling.  The strength of the communities he built and influenced continue to grow and be available even for those who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him.  

Of course if you asked Alf about all of that, he would probably ignore the question, remark on what was happening right at the moment, and then ask what you’re doing next. 


In addition to the race, Brunswick CC is hosting the Alfondo recreation ride.  This gives you (or your partner) the opportunity to take part in the day, ride the course at a comfortable pace and see the finish.  Registration is $5 on the day with proceeds going to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

We are on the Balliang circuit, but please note the change in registration location.  There will be coffee and tea before the race with a sizzle afterwards.  As this is a handicap, please no late entries.

EntriesEntry Boss

Entries open Sunday at 6pm for vols and then Monday at 9pm for non-vols.  Entries close on Thursday evening.  No race day entries.


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