Autumn Cycling Classic @ La Trobe University

Created: 06 April 2018 Last Updated: 13 May 2018

Entries are now open - Saturday 19 May 2018

Entries for A and B Grades (both men and women)
Entries for C, D, E, Juniors and Come & Try

Imagine a crisp Saturday morning in May.  You are in Melbourne but you are surrounded by trees turning colours.  It is quiet bar a few industrious students who are up early and walking to their morning coffees.  The air has that nice clean smell to it.  A serene picture.  Then introduce a few hundred cyclists racing around 3 kilometres of fully closed roads.

The Northern Combine has partnered with La Trobe University to bring you the Autumn Cycling Classic.  This is more than a bike race.  It is an event integrating our community focus on racing with the University's sport precinct development and the local community.  We will connect students looking for practical event experience, give juniors exposure to University life, offer basic bike maintenance courses and not to mention a fantastic spectator area with amenities close by.  This event is what happens when cycling integrates into our city. 

We warmly welcome the Chair of Cycling Australia and former Victorian Premier the Honourable Steve Bracks as event ambassador who formally launched the event on 17 April.


The event is made possible due to our sponsors who have been very supportive of this effort:

Finance Right - specialises in residential and commercial lending ith a focus in helding fund property purchases within self managed super funds. 

DriveClean - a social enterprise providing mobile bike mechanics for large organisations and buildings in Melbourne. 

Polaris - shopping centre near campus with restaurants, cafes, amenities and health & beauty shops.  They also have apartments for sale.  

Mobike - provides an affordable means of shared transportation for convenient short urban trips, while reducing congestion, and our city's carbon footprint


Race Details

19 May 2018 at La Trobe University, Bundoora
Juniors start from 8AM.  All racing concludes by 1PM
Entries for A and B Grades (both men and women)
Entries for C, D, E, Juniors and Come & Try

This will be run as a points race with equal prizes for men's and women's grades (per standard Combine policy).  For the Finance Right A Grade Races, there is an enhanced prize pool with details to be announced

Grade Race Length (min) Sprints K/Q OMS Team Size Start Time
A 90 3 3 4 11:30
WA 85 3 3 3  11:30
B 85 3 3 3  9:45
WB 70 2 2 2  10:10
C 75 3 2 1  8:30
WC 45 2 1 1  9:30
D 70 2 2 1  9:30
E 45 2 1 1  8:45
Juniors 30-45 (4 Grades)     1  8:00
Come & Try 90        8:00
President's Cup 6 1   1 11:15

Frequently Asked Questions

This is unexpected.  How did the Combine do this?
The event has been made possible firstly because La Trobe University has been amazingly supportive and receptive - we trust that all attendees will reciprocate by treating the campus with respect.  It has also taken a coordinated effort from Brunswick, Carnegie Caulfield, Coburg, Italo, Preston, St. Kilda and Sunbury Cycling Clubs all making significant contributions.  It is possible because we pulled together as a community.  

What is the course like?
This 3 kilometre course feels like is was nearly designed for a bike race with many different aspects that will suit a combination of skills.  This course formed a large portion of the Australian National Championship course from the late 1980's.  The sprint will be technical and fast right in the heart of the campus. 

Course Profile
Video Sneak Peak of Course

On the day, there will be no opportunity to ride/ warm-up on the course as races will be running continuously.  Given the roads are closed, there is absolutely no riding in the opposite direction at any time! 

How do the points work?
Points will be accumulated for the top 3 places at each sprint and KOM: First place - 5, second place 4, third place 3.  The final sprint will accumulate 8, 6 and 4 points respectively.  Points from any team members will count towards the team's overall accumulation.  In case of ties, we will count back on 1) final sprint 2) number of first places 3) number of second places  and 4) best dressed or some other arbitrary decision by the race director. 

How do the teams work?
For Men's and Women's A and B grades, individuals enter themselves and can nominate a team name which other individuals can also use.  Points accumulated by any member of a team go towards the overall team points.  Go for a break-away, wait for the sprints, focus on the KOMs - the strategy is up to you.  Individuals can still enter as themselves.  Any individual entries will be placed into a team before the race by the organisers, so please indicate on your entry if you wish to remain a solo rider (keeping the glory for yourself and having the satisfaction of disrupting a sprint train). 

Teams must be reasonably situated in the grades they enter (don't make this job more difficult by plucking a strong A Grader to a team in B).  Due to the prizes in A Grade, we may expect higher entries.  The Combine is flexible with handicapping based on the fields (thanks to our awesome vols), so please enter useful information about your recent performance on the entry.

Teams must wear the same jerseys or vests.  If you are organising multiple teams from the same club/organisation, please attempt to have different versions of the jersey for the different teams (prior version vs. current, etc). 

What if I want to change teams?
You are able to scratch if you want to leave the race completely.  If, after entering you want to swap teams, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Changing teams will incur a $10 admin fee per swap which will be donated to student athlete scholarships.

What are the prizes?
Men's and Women's A Grade will have an enhanced prize pool thanks to our sponsors - this will be at least $1,000 for each men and women. 
With the exception of A Grade, we will follow the Combine's standard prize policy which keeps prize money fairly consistent between all races - generally this sits around 40% of all entry money for the season.  We usually pay down to 3rd place, unless there are a high number of entries in which case the podium is extended.  At the Combine, prizes are just the sprinkles on the sundae that is racing.

Can I set-up a marquee?
Yes - how great would having a team and a marquee be?  We have a parking lot with space designated for marquees.  There is a strict no peg policy so please bring sufficient weights to counteract Melbourne winds.  If you would like to reserve a space, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the size space you are after.  Please bear in mind that unlike most of our races, we will be in Melbourne and you should protect your belongings (bikes!)

What is the Come & Try
The Come & Try is an opportunity for those interested in racing to have a go.  We know there are a lot of recreational riders doing fondos, Zwift, Beach Rd who may want to try their hand but are unsure what racing is all about.  This is under the supervision of certified coaches and marshals who will give participants a flavour for racing and under the safety of closed roads. 

Entry is $10 and can be done through here.  No race licence is required, but you do need a functioning road bike.

What is the bike maintenance workshop about?
Proudly supported by the City of Darebin, there will be 2 free introductory sessions to bike maintenance for community members, students and partners.  The sessions aren't designed for racers, but feel free to invite a friend.

The first session starts at 9:30 where the mechanic will explain:
 - Handy bike tools and parts
 - A-B-C (Air-Brakes-Chain) safety checks
 - Fixing flat tyres - repairing punctures and replacing inner tubes
 - Removing and replacing wheels

From 10:30, you can bring your own bike along for the mechanics to give your bike a 5 minute once-over and esnure your bike-fit is right, including adjusting seat height.  Spaces limited.

NO BOOKINGS REQUIRED.  Just turn up, watch and learn!  This practical session is run by Bikes@Work with the support of the City of Darebin.  

What amenities are available?
We will be right on campus with many of the campus shops (coffee) open.  There is ample parking and bathroom facilities right by the spectator area.  We encourage you to also visit our sponsors, in particular Polaris Town Centre.

Can I get involved?
If you are interested in helping out on the day, in particular if you are interested in being a ride marshal or coach with an significant cycling experience rider and a supportive personality for the E, Women's C or Come & Try grades, please email the Race Director. 


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