2019-08-03: St Kilda Trophy Race

Created: 28 July 2019 Last Updated: 28 July 2019


We are in Woodend this week for the St Kilda Trophy Race.  Not only is this the second of the Women's Series race with separate grades, but the club is also hosting riders with physical and mental disabilities to race.  We are thrilled that St Kilda is supporting including more people into racing. 

Woodend is a fun, rolling course that can at times be windy.  Please note that 1) rider briefing begins from 9:45 and 2) the finish line is changing locations so that you can finish closer to the registration - this will leave it as a flat sprint at the end.  See EntryBoss for additional details

Presentations at 1:30 at Holgate Brewery.  Let's celebrate and have a meal! 


Entries: EntryBoss

Entries close Thursday morning (late entry policy

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