2019-08-31: Hawthorn Trophy Race

Created: 22 August 2019 Last Updated: 22 August 2019


Our last event for the season is being hosted by Hawthorn CC on the South Gisborne course - note registration is at the Pony Club.  This will also serve as the final Women's Series race with points up for grab.  Thanks to our sponsors:

 - Melbourne Bicycles in Clifton Hill
 - Pedla
 - Cycling Collective

for providing some extra prizes for the series.  Making the series points look pretty attractive....

South Gisborne course, you know it, maybe you even love it.  Hawthorn has been working diligently to put traffic management into place (just waiting for the last of the police permits) so we are hoping this makes the main road on this course safer. 

Enter here:  EntryBoss

Entries close Thursday morning (late entry policy)

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