Volunteer Summary

Volunteers are essential for the smooth, safe and economical running of Northern Combine races.

We rely on you and your mates to 'give something back' and support the combine. And of course, there also a benefit - you save a few bucks on your entry fees for the season.


John Kelly (SKCC) is the volunteer coordinator and roster administrator for 2013. 
The Northern Combine aims to have 8 volunteers for each race. You only need to volunteer once through the season to support the combine and take advantage for the race entry discount.

John will coordinate the volunteering process for 2013 - watch this space for details.

The latest version can be found on the Volunteer Roster page. The calendar will be regularly updated.

The following roles are required to best run a race, and you can nominate to undertake any of these roles.

  • Commissaire - A commissaire is a the name for an official in competitive cycling, similar to judges or referees in other sports.  To be a commissaire you must be accredited through Cycling Australia.
  • Entry Steward - An Entry Steward will take entries on the day from the provided sign-on sheets.  They will assign riders there respected numbers and collect licenses.  At the conclusion of the race they will collect race numbers and then return licenses.  Entry Stewards will provide assistance to Commissaires if requested.  THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO RACE ON THE DAY.
  • Corner Marshal - ensure safety of riders at corners and other areas of the race course
  • Lead Car - The driver of the lead car will follow the first rider on the road in a race
  • Follow Car - The driver of the follow car will follow the last bunch/rider on the road and will also act as a sweep of the course to ensure everyone has finished
  • Finish Line - we need someone on certain courses to write down rider numbers as they pass the finish line to help with our handicapping team with the database so we know who is in breakaway's or off the back of the main bunch of riders
  • Rider Marshal - This season we would like to have an experienced rider to go around with new riders to educate and motivate them - this role is not available to everyone and will be approved by the handicapping committee.

 In 2013:

  • Volunteers that are unable to meet their commitment are required to find a replacement person to perform their role and are asked to notify the volunteer coordinator and their club representative before COB Thursday before the nominated race the person performing their role has changed.

If this expectation isn't met:

  • You will be required to pay the full race fee for the remainder of the season (you lose the volunteer discount)
  • If a replacement can not be found then a member from your club will be selected at random from the race list to fill your place
  • You are  impacting the ability of the Northern Combine to run safe road racing and it may mean the race needs to be cancelled.