Race Entry Procedures


The Northern Combine runs fully sanctioned racing through the national cycling governing body with the permission of local councils, Vic Roads and Victoria Police.  Racing licences are required to race and you should bring it with you to the registration desk on race day to collect your number.  Licences can be obtained through the governing body.

If you are new to the sport, please note there are an evolving set of licences available.  These are designed to make it easy and cheap for you to try before buying a full licence.  We accept any race licence from the national governing body. 

Riders should also note that Northern Combine Cycling is not a cycling club and is therefore not able to accept licence applications or issue one in its own right on the day. Unlicensed riders should make any such arrangements with one of the cycling clubs that make up the Northern Combine prior to entering a race. 



(1) Riders must pre-enter via EntryBoss by 9 AM the Thursday prior to race day via the provided web link

(2) The on-line entry form should be completed by the rider personally and all mandatory fields (including the Cycling Australia licence number) should be completed.

(3) Riders can officially withdraw from a race by scratching in the interface. You will receive an email confirming your scratching or withdrawal from the event/race.

(4) Late entries may be accepted via a late entry form, please email handicapping@northerncombinecycling.org

(5) J17 riders can only enter senior grades they are competitive in - this will also need to be confirmed by our handicapping team. J17 riders can not ride distances further than the championship distances set out in the Australian Tech Regs (JW17=50km, JM17 = 70km). J17 riders MUST ride with their gears correctly locked out at all times



(1) You must pre-enter via the online entry system.

(2) Riders can officially withdraw from the race by by scratching by 12.00 noon on the Friday before the race. You will receive an email confirming your scratching or withdrawal from the event/race and a 100% refund. 



Race-day entry stewards will be working from entry lists prepared by the Handicapping Committee and cannot discuss or change grades or marks.  Once you arrive at the race, your handicap is set. 

There is a team of people that make up the Northern Combine's Handicapper Committee.  If you need to contact the Handicapping Committee about your mark before the race, then please email them at handicapping@northerncombinecycling.org.



(1) Riders who fail to complete their volunteer duty will be charged $50 recovery fee, and,

(2) they will not be allowed to enter any Northern Combine races until this recovery has been paid, and,

(3) they will be charged the full non-volunteer entry fee for all future races until such time as they have completed their volunteer duty.
Please choose your date carefully, if you cannot commit to participating in the roster system, you may wish to pay the full entry fee per race (inc the NVL). If you choose to put your name on the roster, you must fulfill your duty or arrange a proxy in your place.