Weather Policy

Guiding Principle:  The Combine seeks to provide a safe racing environment and positive experience for riders.

Bad weather is part of cycling and can create some amazing experiences (“remember that day…”).  Whenever possible, we prefer to race.  We only cancel events when conditions are dangerous.

Dangerous conditions are course specific and difficult to list in every instance.  For example, high wind on one course may blow riders off the road but on another be unnoticeable.  We therefore won’t make specific comments on exact cut-offs.  We will consider the following items in deciding to cancel a race:

  • Specificity of the weather forecast – does it vary and how local is it
  • The course
  • Visibility and speed limits
  • Wind speed and difference between gusts and normal speed
  • Amount of rain
  • Course conditions including debris and road flooding

The decision to cancel events is difficult as Melbourne weather is complicated, but we will seek to do so with as much advance warning as possible.  Two days before the event, the Race Director is responsible for reviewing the forecast and if conditions are looking unfavourable, will initiate discussion with the Chief Commissaire and Combine President (or Events Team Leader if 3rd person required).  This group will have the options to 1) proceed with event 2) wait for further information 3) delay event start 4) cancel.  They retain these options up until the event commences. 

Decisions to cancel or delay the event will be communicated via internet, social media and if time allows email. 

If the event is cancelled, riders will be refunded their entry fees.